Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water is one of our most precious resources. Aquanex designs adsorbent technology to purify drinking water and to remove harmful pollutants, such as algal toxins, VOCs, and other contaminants of emerging concern.


Harmful algal blooms are becoming more common in coastal regions and lakes across the United States and around the world. Algae can have an impact on drinking water due to the presence of naturally produced toxins, such as microcystins. To address this emerging concern, ABS Materials has developed a new absorbent material, MicroSorb™ media, designed to specifically and irreversibly bind microcystins and remove them from the water.

Microcystins are difficult to remove from water since these compounds are nonvolatile, hydrophilic, resistant to photodegradation, and stable over a wide temperature and pH range. The larger molecular size of microcystin requires absorbents with larger pore sizes. Based on the company’s patented NSF approved Osorb® sorbent, ABS Materials has developed MicroSorb™ media, a product designed to accommodate the larger molecular size and unique properties of microcystin.


MicroSorb™ media requires only short contact time to be effective and will reduce concentrations to below the currently accepted 1 ppb requirement. Furthermore, MicroSorb™ media is specific and will not lose capacity or effectiveness due to the presence of other natural organic material (NOM).

To learn more about MicroSorb™ and its use, please contact us at 330-234-7999 or email info@absmaterials.com.