Activities Delivery

Activities Delivery

With its easy loading, high capacity, and controlled release characteristics, ABS sorbent technology is uniquely suited for the delivery of active ingredients for many different applications – from fragrances to flavors and more.


When it comes to the delivery of active ingredients such as pesticides, fragrances, or flavors, it is essential that the carrier medium have high capacity for the ingredient, be easy to load, and provide reliable and thorough release when needed. ABS sorbent technology can be loaded with active ingredients at high capacity and can provide consistent and desirable release profile, extending time between applications.

ABS sorbent technology is versatile in the kind of organics it can release. Examples are:

  • Fragrances
  • Essential oils
  • Organic liquids
  • Sensory modification agents
  • Solids, e.g. menthol
  • Topical drugs and anesthetics
  • Ingredients dissolved in carrying agents / solvents

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